Singer Industrial Model 2800K

General Applications:

  • Single and two needle overedge and safety stitch machines for thin to thick materials.

General Specifications:

  • Sewing speed (max):
    2831K : 6500 spm
    2832K : 6500 spm
    2842K : 6000-6500 spm
  • Motor required: SINGER clutch motor high speed 1/2 H.P.
  • SINGER needle cat. no. 6120, size 9-19
  • Stitch Length: 3.6mm (max.)
  • Pressor foot lift: 6.5mm (max) •
  • Differential feed can be adjusted easily by an operating lever. Also, a micro adjustment system is provided which allows fine adjustment of differential feed ratio according to the type of material being sewn, by simply turning the knob.
  • The forward and backward motion of double chain looper can be adjusted according to the applicator of the machine by adjusting the clearance between needle and looper.
  • Cloth plate can be opened by a touch of a finger for easy threading and cleaning of the machine.
  • Carbide tipped trimming knife ensures maximum trimming life.
  • Fresh modern design and color of the machine brightens the work environment and enhances operating efficiency.


  • Fully automatic lubrication system (internally forced lubrication system) which delivers oil under pressure to the inside of rods through a crank shaft. An oil filter has been adopted to filter out dust and other foreign matters accumulated in the oil reservoir and keeps the oil clean at all times.
  • Needle cooler which allows high speed operation when sewing with synthetic threads that are weak against heat.
  • Moveable guard prevents skipping stitches when sewing at high speeds and reduces wear of needle.
  • Push button type stitch length regulating device provides ease of stitch length adjustment and is suitable for production of different styles of garments.